Introduction to Conscious Parenting (Extended)

Class Description

Parenting today is not like the parenting of yesterday.

However, so much of how we parent is a continuation of how we were parented…or is it?

Maybe it’s time we challenged what inherited beliefs we have and come to understand what it means to consciously parent our children.

Thanks to science, we know now more than ever about effective parenting behaviors and in this session, we will begin to dive into that knowledge to understand how conscious parenting differs from “traditional” parenting.


Meet our Expert:

Alice Ravizé is a Certified Conscious Parenting Method coach trained by Dr Shefali Tsabari at the Conscious Coaching Institute.

She is also currently studying her Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Neurolearning.

Her private sessions help parents develop a deeper self-understanding of their triggers and patterns that affect the parent-child relationship and reframe behaviors into a portal for growth and connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Kinedu is an early childhood development app created by experts that helps parents navigate their baby’s early years confidently. We are trusted by more than 7 million parents in more than 180 countries. Our offering includes personalized play activities, live and on-demand parenting and baby development classes, as well as one-on-one coaching. Due to our evidence-based focus, we’re the only app that is supported by MIT, has a research partnership with Stanford, and is recommended by Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child as a resource for parents

  • What type of technology do I need to access the live and on-demand classes?

    You can access all of our content from any device that is connected to the internet! We suggest downloading the Zoom app on your phone or tablet in case you wish to connect to a live class from there.

  • Can I bring my baby to class?

    Yes! Your baby is always welcome to join you, and if you need to leave a class to attend to any of your baby’s needs, you can always watch the recording later.

  • How much does each class cost?

    You can get unlimited access to all of our classes by buying kinedu | learn monthly or yearly subscription plans. We want to give your family the opportunity to decide if kinedu | learn is right for you. If you don’t love what our subscription offers in 7 days, you can cancel and get your money back within this time frame. To make the most of your trial period, we encourage you to attend different classes, explore the chats and forums, and ask our team as many questions as you like!

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